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Which codes do you need?

Cut and Paste codes for Pc and Webtv Users

Alert Pop Up

Create a Text Box

Clickable Image

Change Users 4 wtv

Email Links

Javascript WTV Bug alert

Basic alignment

Change Image Size

Make a Hyperlink

Email Signature

Font Size

Info button Image

Using Transitions

Font Colors

Background Colors

Basic Links

2 or more Images

Underline Text


Create a Line

Link an Image

Background Image

Image Over Image

Scrolling Image

Pop up Alert Mouseover

Reload Button

Reload Button

Tumbling Text in Status Bar

Email Notification

Radio Button Image

Page Redirect

Single Image Loader

Pop up Alert on Click

Line Break

Link on Same Page

Logo Image

Frames & Borders

Typing Text

Pop up Alert on Enterance

Entire Table Link

Text in Status bar

Side Bar

Bullets with List

Image Animation

Add Music

Clickable Link

Create a Slide Show

Pull Down Menu #1

Choose Location

Clickable Image


Basic Html Tags

Show Zip Code

3 side by side images

Instant Messenger

Clock Rate

Marquee in Table

Email Anyone


Gif above Email Text

F-key Savers

Transparent Image

Documents on Table

Colored Backgrounds

No Bouncing Email

Info Button

Webtv Buttons

Images into Thumbnails

Popup Confirmation

Vote Yes

Alt Discuss. Html Button

Webtv Stuff

PC 's Fkey Saver

2 color borders

Speaker for sound

Basic Webpage Set up

Wtv tags

Link to Mpg

4 side by side Images

Table 2 show Info

Audio Scope

1 color border

Change Text in Status Bar

Grab Box

Radio Button for BG Color change

Back Button

Make background go Up, Down ect...

Spell checker

Modem Speed & Clock

Calendar with Time

On/Off flasher button

Recent Pulldown Menu

Make a Source Viewer

Calendar with Time

Cookie Maker

Back Button

Arrow to Make with Link

Modem Speed w/clock

WTV Link box

Gradient border background

Spell Checker

Blinking Text

Clickable Clock

Alarm Clock