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Who is Hellogirl?

So you're interested in learning something about me? Lets see, where can I begin? I was born and raised in Arlington Virginia, and am currently living in Beaufort, SC. I was born June 10th 1963, so I let you figure out the math. I was married twice, divorce once and been seperated from my second husband for going on 4 years, actually longer because he was coming and going too often, and I finally wised up and moved away four years ago. I currently have a new boyfriend, whom I've been with almost 3 years. You can view Kirk's picture with me, and my friend Lora and her son Colten.

I have two beautiful teenage children whom I love more than life itself. Rebecca is 19, and Robert is 17. Both are having a birthday by the end of this coming summer. You can view their pictures on my Family page.

I have three wonderful older sisters. They're all spread out in Virginia and W.Va. So, that kind of makes me the baby of the family.

I love to travel, and so far I have lived in Virginia of course, Maryland, Hawaii, Texas, West Germany, Georgia, Vermont, St Louis, and now I'm living here in Beaufort. I've also been to New York State and City, San Fransico and Oakland California, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Austria, and South of the Border. :) I'm hoping to be traveling more within my lifetime. This June, I'm driving back up to Vermont to visit my daughter for a couple of weeks. However, my dream is to own a RV and travel across the US.

Some of my hobbies include Graphic, Stationary, and Web Designs. This background is one of my own creation, so please do not steal it. I've also designed the frame around my South Carolina Picture. I love a variety of arts and crafts. I use to be fairly active in Sports...Softball, Volleyball, Archery, Darts, Fishing, Camping, and Bowling. Lately my sports have been crabbing, shrimping, salt water fishing, and my all time favorite is dolphin watching.

My favorite time of the day is early in the morning, so I can wake up to a beautiful sunrise with a nice hot cup of coffee. Then I often watch the sunset at the end of the day. Sometimes I'll drive up to the fishing pier and watch it set across the ocean, and in hopes to catch a couple of the dolphins as the tide is going back out.

Some of the other things I enjoy doing with my free time, is watching movies, dancing, and reading. My two all time favorite movies are "Gone With the Wind" and "The Sound of Music". However, I love all sorts of movies, such as Drama, Action, Romantic Comedies, Mysteries, and Thrillers. I especially love watching True Crime Stories.

A few of my favorite actors are Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Denzil Washington, Mel Gibson, Dustin Hoffman, and Brendan Fraser. <-- He's my heart throb! LOL Now, as for my favorite actresses: Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, and Barbara Streisand.

I truly don't have types of music that I don't like I love just about all kinds of music. The only type of music I can think of that I could live without is Heavy Metal and Racial & Violent Rap crap. Anything that has to do with Racism or Hatred, I can live without. My favorite type of music has to be Soft Pop.

Lets see, what else can I say about myself? I'm a survivor and an overcomer of Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and Domestic Abuse. As you can visit a few page I've made on the Topic of Child and Domestic Abuse. I'm also considered a Co-Dependant, which my life has been surrounded by many alcoholics in my life, whom I've also experienced different types of abuse from. Somehow, I manage to attract alcoholics to me, due to the fact I'm also a Child of Alcoholic Parents. Which maybe one day, I'll make a site about Alcoholism, Children of Alcoholic Parents, and Co-Dependants, when time permits me.

I also like to write Poetry, but I haven't wrote any in quite awhile, but as you can view some of the things I have written in the past. I've also had the priveledge of having two of my poems published in the Newspaper and also in a book called "The Unknown", from a Poetry Contest I won.

Well that's all about me so far. Until I can think of something further I can say later. Other than I'm currently involved with many different Yahoo Groups, which I will add my list a bit later. I'm currently active in 37 groups in all, which keeps me extremely busy and my mailbox filled. :)

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