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This I wrote and had it published
in the Patriot Newspaper, Sept. 6, 1990.
It was sent to the men with a Banner of Love.
Now I dedicate to all those who
have served during the Gulf War!
To Alpha Company of the 4/64 Armor

Alpha company is number one.
Which when they're not working, they can be lots of fun.
It's hard for some to really know, why our men had to go.
We want peace in our world, and not some war.
This one of the reasons, our men left us for.
They have to prove a point, to the people of Iraq.
That taking hostages is wrong, and we want them back.
They invaded Kuwait, without any concent.
So we back our men, one hundred percent.
It's their job, to make it right.
To follow orders, with all their might.
It was hard for them, to say goodbye.
To watch their love ones, with tears in their eyes.
So they packed their gear, and carried them away.
Saying, "Hey Babe, I'll be back, someday!"
They work awfully hard,
to pull together. What they're doing now,
will be remember, forever! So here is to you guys,
who we love the best. You are the ones we're looking for,
among the rest.
From the ones who love you!
(The A. company women)

poem by Catherine Knox


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"God Bless The USA" By Lee Greenwood