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Love is

...Something that never dies.
Love is always there, never uncertain.
Love is not only loving, but being loved.
For if you feel that you are being loved,
your love becomes stronger.
It grows until it consumes your whole life.
One should never say, "I once loved you".
Because love is never a one time affair.
Only physical love is such the case.
Not true love.
True love is always there, never uncertain.
If you have been shot down,
as the saying goes.
Thank God that you are alive and not dead.
For such a love was not true.
And not being true,
It would never have lasted.
If it leaves you sad and with memories.
If it makes you uncertain of the future.
If it seems as if the end of the world is near.
You must live each day to its fullest extent;
Hoping the pain goes away;
Praying that your true love will feel as strong,
if not stronger in loving you.
Love is something that you
never want to shut your heart to;
For if you shut your heart to love,
You shut your eyes to life.
And shutting your heart to love,
You become a plant.
And not the Supreme creature,
that God intended you to be.

~Author Unknown~

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"Love is all by: Roxette