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by: Jessica Lewis

The sun is hot, the pain is real.
So much hurt inside, almost impossible to heal.
I miss you today, I'll miss you tomorrow.
Only you could end this aching sorrow.
You had your reasons, we'll never understand.
Why you took your life with your own hand.
With that I will leave this in mind.
You'll be missed more than you'll ever know,
and your memory will never be let go.

Joshua was a very personal close friend of
my family. He was also one of my students. Josh
loved coming into the video store and harrassing
me out of pure fun, while I was working during
the weekends. He was a down right good looking,
17 year old boy. From Richford, Vt. On August
13, 1998, He loaded up a shot gun, went inside
his bedroom, and shot himself in the heart.
Rumor had it, he was on coke, and stoled his
father's paycheck. His mother threw him out of
the house. But he came back, and took his life.
Well, how many of us are in need of help? One
way or another, each of our souls are reaching
out and feeling lost. Please, don't forget to
tell your friends and family how much you care.
Love them unconditionally! It may be the last
time you'll ever see them again!!!!
Josh, I miss you!!!! Cathy

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